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Two women eating Kwality Wall's Cornetto mint ice cream



What is it? Where is it? How can I feel it…more often?
Is it who I happen to be? Where I live? What I earn? What I can buy?
Happiness feels elusive. And as a world we are getting more unhappy by the day.
The good news is, we can change this.
Because we’re looking for happiness in the wrong places.
See, happy isn’t something I am.
Happy is something we can all do!
Because we all have a superpower. Too few of us use it. But, we all have it.
Every day we’re alive, we can make happier choices.
Happiness choices that are not about me as an individual, but about us… the people we live among.
Science shows that it’s the choices we make in our communities that make the happiest difference.
We’re Kwality Wall's ice cream, we know all about happy choices!! We want to make, other, happier choices too.
Simple everyday choices which add up and spread, to make our communities happier and make us happier too!
So, it’s up to us folks. The superpower is in us.
Let’s start making happier choices together.
Let’s make our world a happier place one street at a time!


Ice Cream = Happiness. It’s science. 

People have long wondered why it is, that when we eat ice cream, we feel a sense of happiness and pleasure. Whether it’s a moment of solo peace, or celebration between a group of friends, ice cream can turn an average moment to something great.

In 2013, the mystery was solved by UK researchers who analysed how eating ice cream may increase feelings of contentment and well-being . Over a two-day period, participants were offered the choice of a Cornetto Classico ice cream or Cornetto Strawberry ice cream and asked to complete a gratitude journal.

The activity was repeated, individually and in groups, with and without ice cream – with all participants asked to write three things that they were grateful for.

The team discovered that there was a significant link between ice cream and happiness found that any combination of the gratefulness activity and eating ice cream (together or alone) led to increased positive affect feelings.

Linley, P. A., Dovey, H., de Bruin, E., Transler, C., Wilkinson, J., Maltby, J., & Hurling, R. (2013). Two simple, brief, naturalistic activities and their impact on positive affect: feeling grateful and eating ice cream. Psychology of Well-Being: Theory, Research and Practice, 3(1), 6.


Happiness is a serious subject.

Kwality Wall’s is inspired by some leading experts in the field of happiness economics, on our mission to make the world a happier, more inclusive place, one street at a time.


Professor Lord Layard is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics. Founder of a mass movement to create a happier society called “Action for Happiness”.

“The team at Kwality Wall’s has a strong understanding of why happier societies are so important, and with the reach Kwality Wall’s has into communities across the world, they have the power to make a big contribution to world happiness!”

Professor Richard Layard founder of a movement called Action for Happiness


World-renowned economics professor, leader in sustainable development and SDG Advocate for UN Secretary General.

“As part of Unilever, Kwality Wall’s has the bona fides to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development and world happiness. Unilever is rightly hailed as one of the world’s most sustainable and responsible companies & it’s great to have Unilever as a key partner in making the world a happier place!”

Professor Richard Layard founder of a movement called Action for Happiness


Kwality Wall's and the World Happiness Report 2020

Around the world, Kwality Wall's creates moments of happiness every day for people in communities everywhere – and is celebrating this through the official sponsorship of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) World Happiness Report – which can be read here.

Kwality Wall's has brought people together over ice cream, spreading happiness through social connection. The sponsorship is the latest step in the brand’s commitment to raising national happiness levels and is part of Kwality Wall's ambition to highlight the importance of social connections between people as a driver of happiness levels.